Chinnor Neighbourhood Development Plan 2017

Considerate Planning and Development achievable with a Neighbourhood Plan




19.04.2019 21:01

Keith Webley

The cynic in me wonders whether the CNP includes more development and existing councillors were worried that might affect their vote. Is that why the CNP is political?

19.04.2019 20:59

Keith Webley

Also heard that it might have been suppressed because of the impending local election. Assume that couldn't possibly be the case as the May election was known about prior to the March Review.

19.04.2019 20:56

Keith Webley

It has been suggested that the reason the CNP wasn't discussed at the Chinnor Parish Annual Assembly is because it was political. How the hell is the CNP political?

19.04.2019 20:54

Keith Webley

Not sure why you invite comments if you don't respond to them. Still, just for fun I'll post a few more comments/questions.

20.03.2018 20:47

Sarah Webley

2 of 2 Does this mean that there is no longer a necessity for the NDP to allocate any further locations for further house building?

20.03.2018 20:46

Sarah Webley

1 of 2 According to the SODC Local Plan 2033, page 66, Chinnor has exceeded it's +15% growth by 183 and has a strategic allocation of 0.

18.05.2017 15:49


Are the policies being considered on planning applications that are currently in process and being approved. I fear Chinnor is becoming a very large dormitory village.

18.05.2017 15:36


Assuming the examiner gives approval to the plan, then what powers are given to enforce the policies, who will enforce the policies.

20.03.2017 16:50


The idea of pedestrians & cyclists around the "village square" sounds lovely but there is no way it can work with all the likely through traffic. Unless a bypass is planned, it can't happen.

30.11.2016 19:47

Tony Morby

Are there any minutes from the26th Oct meeting?

01.12.2016 17:14

Peter Brook (Secretary, CNP Steering Group)

Yes there are. Minutes of Meeting 32 (26 Oct) and 33 (14 Nov) have been approved and will appear on the website shortly. Regards Peter Brook (CNP Secretary)

09.08.2016 23:47


The pavement is very narrow along parts of Mill Lane and is only on one side so young children have to walk very close to the traffic. Additional cars increases the risk of a serious accident.

09.08.2016 23:45


My son starts at Mill Lane Primary School in September and the thought of all the extra traffic that would travel down Mill Lane with additional housing on that site worries me greatly.

25.03.2016 00:24


There appears to be three areas on this site where comments can be logged. It’s essential that ALL recent points of view should be collated and reviewed at the end of the Consultation period.

24.03.2016 22:32


The pump station cannot cope with the existing amount of houses before adding another 180. Thames Water were very clear in their feedback on these sites that the pump station cannot take any more.

24.03.2016 22:30


Before developing on the Mill Lane site please consider the current lack of adequate sewerage. There are currently between 20-30 houses that get flooded with raw sewage on a regular basis.

24.03.2016 22:10


I agree with the idea to build north of the garden centre. It can have a bypass, doctors, shops and there would be little objection.

24.03.2016 22:00


I went to the launch day on 6th Feb and made lots of comments. But the consultation period seems to start on 11th February. Will the comments from 6th Feb be included here?

24.03.2016 21:39


We need a bypass to the north to take all the extra traffic from Princes Risborough and Thame.

24.03.2016 21:36


The Glynswood site is part of the area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB). It should be preserved as a possible future public green space.

24.03.2016 19:54


SODC are taking the Glynswood site to the High Court. Why have you prejudiced their case by including it? That is not representing the people.

24.03.2016 19:40


Unless the plan is amended according to the villagers comments, I would vote against it at referendum.

24.03.2016 21:37


Me too! As would many other villagers I have spoken to.

24.03.2016 19:39


Now that the Gladmans site has been approved the Glynswood site should be withdrawn immediately to support SODC in their appeal.

24.03.2016 19:38


I agree with the comment below. The plan is not easy to understand.

24.03.2016 19:36


Why wasn't one big development beyond the Garden centre considered? It would meet with approval from those opposing the other sites. and allow a bypass.

24.03.2016 19:58


Great idea! Why wasn't this considered? This is what we need! Could include new shops, doctors etc.

24.03.2016 19:33


The plan must address the extra traffic we can expect from the developments in Risborough. Gladman site gives us a rare opportunity to ask for a bypass to the north. Village traffic only thru Chinnor

24.03.2016 19:32


The plan should have looked at all areas of the parish and not just surrounding fields. 20 houses at Emmington and 10 at Henton would make a big difference to the required number.

24.03.2016 19:27


Now the Gladman site has been approved we certainly don't need a 'reserve' site. Please remove this from your draft plan.

24.03.2016 19:25


Reading a previous comment, is it true that we have achieved our quota of new housing for now? If so, then the plan is already out of date.

24.03.2016 14:29

J Wadsworth

It seems the Gladman development will go ahead, your preferred sites are the 2 on Mill Lane, the Garden Centre site is under way so all new development seems to be at the North end of the village.

24.03.2016 19:24

A . Henderson

As the south of the village has had over 95% of new build in the last few years that balances out nicely then.

24.03.2016 15:10


There is no need for any of the preferred sites to be used as we have reached 171 homes without them. Old Kiln Lakes, Siareys Yard and the Garden Centre so Chinnors bit is done for now.

24.03.2016 13:00


do we have infrastructure to support this!!

24.03.2016 11:39


I find the plan very difficult to understand. A summary for the public would be helpful.

24.03.2016 09:31


With the garden centre, siareys new building, Old Kiln lakes (business to residential) that takes it to 171, 2 over the 169 figure.We can then preserve both Mill Lane Sites and not risk safety to kids

24.03.2016 09:26


Yesterday the site (Land North of Lower Icknield Way) was approved for 89 houses. The detailed decision does highlight that this area is not affected by AONB and is recommended.

24.03.2016 09:17


When we attended the SODC meetings and put dots on a map, we were not told this would definitely define our future building sites.Please do your own survey.

24.03.2016 09:15


If we have to have more houses, use sites that don't overlook and crowd existing houses.The Glysnwood site is un-neighbourly.The Mill Lane sites don't overlook anyone.Please remove CHi20 from the plan

23.03.2016 23:59


I would like to see more details about the cycle routes mentioned

23.03.2016 23:58


The draft plan says it will listen to the views of the residents and review the plan. This villager says remove the Greenwood Meadow/Glynswood site from the plan!

23.03.2016 23:53


Chinnor needs a relief road to take the traffic away from our small village roads. The only option is to the north of the village, from the proposed Gladman site towards the Thame road.

23.03.2016 23:45

J and MS

The Neighbourhood Plan does not seem to take into account the future increase in through traffic from housing developments in neighbouring towns.

23.03.2016 23:43

J and MS

There is a lack of public green space to the south of the village. The Glynswood site should be earmarked as a possible future public green space.

23.03.2016 23:41

J and MS

The site selection for proposed developments uses data from old SODC consultations. This should not be used and the Neighbourhood Plan must carry out their own survey if they are to be taken seriously

23.03.2016 23:38

J and MS

The Glynswood site must be removed from the plan and discarded as a 'reserve' site. It should never have been included and gives Taylor Wimpey ammunition against SODC in the High Court case.

23.03.2016 23:34

Pam Coull

If Chinnor must have even more houses, there are more appropriate sites than those identified in the draft neighbourhood plan.

23.03.2016 23:14

Adam & Kamila Morley

The current village infrastructure cannot cope with additional housing. Mill Lane is already congested, and safety of the children at Mill Lane School will be compromised. Totally object to the plans

23.03.2016 23:14

Pam Coull

I strongly object (again) to Mill Lane as a site for more housing for all the good reasons identified in the response to and rejection by SODC of the original applications.

23.03.2016 22:47


The Glysnwood site should be withdrawn from the plan as it jeopardises SODSC's appeal against TW. It's a disgrace it was included in the first place.

23.03.2016 22:45


The CNP has not even tried to listen to the villagers. You have not done a proper traffic assessment for the whole village and have not sent a housing options survey to EVERY house in the village.

23.03.2016 22:39

L. Redrup

Does Chinnor need these houses for the future of the village or is it just the developers greed which will cut up more green fields for corporate gain.

23.03.2016 22:12


I wonder what is the point of the CNP. The developers for sites CH-20 and CH-1 have taken their appeals to the Planning Inspectorate and have won. That's 200 houses that the village doesn't need.

23.03.2016 22:42


OK, if you add the 150 houses on CHI21, that would make it 439 houses.
Something very wrong going on - and if anyone mentions a certain 4 letter political party they'll get a 4 letter response from me

23.03.2016 22:32


Plus the 89 houses at the edge of what was once a village to the north of Lower Icknield Way. So the Planning Inspectorate have now allowed appeals for 289 houses.

23.03.2016 22:13


Also means that CHI-21 will almost certainly be developed as it will be surrounded by houses.

23.03.2016 19:01


I have provided comments via email to ''. As there is concern as to whether comments are being received and or posted, could I ask for a confirmation to my email.

23.03.2016 18:36

Maureen Dyroff

Regarding the site behind Greenwood Meadow, I think a better option would be to have the traffic using the Kiln Lakes access and pedestrians coming thro. Greenwood Meadow, making this a safer option

23.03.2016 13:54


Someone really should have been updating this webpage daily. The graphic at the top of the page thinks there are 5 days left until Thursday 24th March. According to my calendar that's tomorrow!

22.03.2016 19:02


Tried to email my thoughts and it appears to go to an insecure site. Is this going to be fixed by the deadline?

22.03.2016 19:15


Cancel that, sent but undeliverable same as Trevor. Confirm email address please.......

22.03.2016 12:11

Ms C

SODC has issued its report on the 2031 Local Plan refined options will the committee be taking the comments regarding sites into account. It says little support for sites proposed in this plan.

22.03.2016 10:17

Trevor Godman

Neither email address is working. How are we supposed to raise comments?

22.03.2016 00:30

Trevor Godman

The email link at the top of the page send to be routing to an address that doesn't exist! It's directing to rather than the address given.

21.03.2016 23:58

Lyn Eccleston

I think it is a really bad idea to build 160 more houses in Mill Lane. There are already serious traffic issues in this area of the village

21.03.2016 23:31

Trevor Godman

As a minor point on the plan, the note about new development being serviced with super-fast broadband should ideally be more specific. Fibre-to-the-Home is far superior to FTTC.

21.03.2016 21:10

Gary Bowers

The continuous expansion of Chinnor is NOT sustainable. Chinnor is already well on the way to being a sizeable town. If this continues it will soon join up with Crowell and Bledlow.

21.03.2016 19:00

andrew browne

With regard to our Parish Council's objection to the Mill Lane /Thame road development submitted to S.O.D.C. it is pathetic. As someone once said, it's like being savaged by a dead sheep.

21.03.2016 18:55

andrew browne

How many of you objectors have opposed the Mill Lane/Thame road development via the current application under consideration with S.O.D.C? not nearly enough.

21.03.2016 16:15

Sarah Webley

Apologies... order changed for some reason so comment is there just not where it was yesterday!

21.03.2016 16:13

Sarah Webley

My comment posted yesterday is no longer here? Censorship? Surely not!

21.03.2016 16:12

Sarah Webley

Wrong link may mean that you don't receive all the comments via email as some people might give up

21.03.2016 16:11

Sarah Webley

Link on your homepage - comes up with which doesn't work!!!

21.03.2016 14:27


If you go ahead with the 2 sites on Mill lane the increased traffic will be dangerous to the School children & people using the MUGA.Selection Criteria inc Middle way is also invalid.Strongly object!

23.03.2016 15:45


You strongly object because traffic will be dangerous. Please can you provide traffic figures

21.03.2016 00:13

Maureen Dyroff

I object to the Mill Lane sites for development as this goes beyond the building line destroying countryside, hedges and the wildlife and plants this supports.

21.03.2016 00:11

Maureen Dyroff

I believe the criteria for choosing most suitable sites are inaccurate and incomplete. The Middle Way retail centre is of no significance. Criteria should include safety of access to these centres.

21.03.2016 00:05

Maureen Dyroff

The increase in traffic from new houses as well as new houses in P.Risborough would be unacceptable for Safety of pedestrians and cyclists on Mill lane and Estover Way

21.03.2016 00:01

Maureen Dyroff

I object strongly to the Mill lane developments as the increase in traffic would put too much pressure on this area with 1 school and 2 nurseries and a much used playing fields / MUGA site.

20.03.2016 23:58



20.03.2016 23:45

The Cat

I strongly object to houses being built near Estover Way. Cars already use this area like a race track and Chinnor does not have the infrastructure to cope with new houses especially in this area.

20.03.2016 23:39


When will people learn Chinnor is a village lets not turn this into a town where future generations can enjoy the countryside and its surroundings not bricks and mortar. No to any new houses.

20.03.2016 23:34


I strongly object to the proposed new houses at Estover Way. This area is already congested with cars for the school and with so many children this proposal is like an accident waiting to happen.

20.03.2016 23:17


Strongly object to proposed development on Mill Lane. Area is already busy without extra vehicles. Not good for children walking/cycling to school & using Whites Field for football/MUGA.

20.03.2016 20:20

Clive and Margaret Attridge

The building of 160 houses in Mill Lane even split between two sites is a vast overdevelopment for this area.With possibly 300 extra vehicles using Mill Lane,with its primary school and two nursery schools,and Estover Way which is already congested with p

20.03.2016 19:40

Mrs Zoe Ciortan

Following my previous comment I propose the steering group to look into alternative sites towards the north of the village together with a plan to build a bypass road around the village.

20.03.2016 19:35

Mrs Zoe Ciortan

I understand the need to build more houses in Chinnor, but I am against the proposal to include the land behind Glynswood and Greenwood Avenue as a reserve site.

20.03.2016 18:56

Andrew Bailey

Could the proposed housing developments on Mill Lane be used to reduce traffic through the village by accessing them from the B4445 then a link round the back of the village to the B4009?

20.03.2016 18:46

Andrew Bailey

My key issue lack of plans to deal with the risk of accidents both to podestrian and cars on the main roads through the village and Mill Lane which will only get worse over time and with new housing.

20.03.2016 18:31

Sarah Webley

Plan states that planning application P14/S4024/O for land north of Mill Lane is pending determination. WRONG! Planning permission was refused for this application on 23/12/15

20.03.2016 17:02


Definitely no By-pass as this would leave the opportunity to infill with more housing in future.

20.03.2016 16:18


Smaller sites, scattered around the village would be a much better option, allowing opportunities for local builders and trade people rather than the likes of giants such as Taylor Wimpey.

20.03.2016 16:12


If building does go ahead on the fields behind Greenwood Avenue I would like the access to the site to be made via the Kiln Lakes estate please, this to me would be a fair compromise.

19.03.2016 15:17


Appreciate the Country as a whole needs more housing, but 140 houses in Mill Lane adjacent to the school is not a good proposal. Far too much traffic so close to a school.

18.03.2016 15:00


Utter madness, we are totally opposed to this . A site closer to B4009 makes better sense. The increase in traffic will be immense, all around a school. Someone with some sense stop this going ahead.

16.03.2016 15:53

Ruth Davies

Mill Lane is already a busy and sometimes dangerous road. The traffic and pedestrians aswell as people using it as a cut-through to avoid congested main road means it can't handle more people and cars

16.03.2016 14:52


Including Middle Way in the assessment is absurd as it's industrial. Take MW out & CH7/CH8 Have the same scores as CH16/CH17/CH20/CH21. Adding 300+cars to a dangerous road near school/nursery is crazy

16.03.2016 14:29

Emma Camp

Strongly object. There is a Primary Sch and 2 Nursery's on Mill Lane also bus stops for the Secondary Sch. This road is already very dangerous without adding 300+ cars. Child safety should be priority

14.03.2016 09:33

Mrs Grainger

Chinnor is supposed to be a village - if all these houses are built it will slowly become a town which we do not want. There are not the facilities for that and will cause much disruption. Opposed!!

13.03.2016 20:07

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08.03.2016 17:43


Totally in opposition to the proposed plan to build more houses on Mill Lane. Our Village will become a very noisy and countryside will be lost.

04.03.2016 22:47


To CNP committee

Will the comments below be taken into account or should everyone send their objections in an email?

06.03.2016 19:18

Peter Brook (Secretary, CNP Steering Group)

Yes. All comments thru the website or directly to the CNP email address at during the Consultation Period (11 February to 24 March 2016) will be taken into account

03.03.2016 15:23


I object to this ill conceived plan for Mill lane, a reduction in traffic rather than an increase is required to lessen the impact of noise & pollution/Parking will also be an issue.

03.03.2016 15:02


Totally disagree with the Mill Lane/Estover Way dev'ment due to traffic concerns & proxmity of the school!

02.03.2016 19:48

Young Family

Totally disagree with both these developments. Access issues on and around Cherry Tree / Mill Lane now without extra traffic. 3 strong objections here.

29.02.2016 16:29


why do they want to build next to a school and 2 nursery schools. It's dangerous already with all the traffic without adding more. Strongly object

29.02.2016 11:42

Andy Berry

There is already the Bellway development, plus homes at Kiln Lake for sale in a village with few amenities and lots of traffic. Very strongly object.

29.02.2016 11:06

Brenda Pitter

These plans had hundreds of objections yet these have been totally ignored. Who are the steering group representing? These sites are totally unsuitable.

28.02.2016 23:15


Just reading through the comments and noticed that an earlier comment that I posted here has disappeared. Censorship?

26.02.2016 11:15

Rod Dean

I gather the 'Middle Way shops' were why the farm end of Mill Lane was favoured. OK if you want plumbing fittings or a new bath. There is nothing else. There are no shops.

28.02.2016 23:03


Agreed. A retail facility that, apart from the dry cleaners, most of us would only visit once every few years, if at all. It's almost as if the truth was being stretched to justify the choice of site!

27.02.2016 16:41

Ms C

I agree this is why this field was chosen. These "shops" are not on a main through route, ie not sustainable and that this is a good reason to have this site removed from the plan.

25.02.2016 19:27

Peter Maxwell

I strongly object to Mill Lane developments. Chinnor needs you to fight any additional developments. Keep the village a community. listen to the residents who are all saying no. Listen to us.

29.02.2016 15:39

Mr D

Totally agree. People don't walk these days. Think about the additional traffic in Chinnor. Some days you can't drive out of the village now.

25.02.2016 16:24

Martin Coles

Having 150 houses on the Mill lane side is a terrible idea, it will put so much pressure on current round which is accessed for the primary school, nursery, and park,

24.02.2016 22:39


I strongly object to the plan of 150 houses on Mill Lane. Both sites surround the primary school and where will the possible 300+ kids and the 300+ cars go..? Please re-consider

24.02.2016 22:19

Andrew Dugmore

There were over 220 objections to the site CHI7 (Mill lane) and there was a lot of disruption due to the fire at SODC so there were many more who couldn't object in time. ..!!

24.02.2016 19:57

Joni Cameron

Also the infrastructure isn't there for all these new houses. Try making a Dr's app or get a prescription, they do their best but there are too many people in the village & our amenities can't cope!

24.02.2016 19:54

Joni Cameron

There is no way Mill Lane or Estover Way can cope with all this new traffic, also the safety aspects of getting to windmill, Jack & Jill and Mill Lane School.

24.02.2016 16:27

Pam Ashby

The Mill Lane site has previously been turned down! As you'll be aware for very valid reasons. Therefore why is this site even being suggested again??

24.02.2016 10:17

Heather ballard

I strongly object to both sites. Both sites are totally unsuitable for road infrastructure, school safety. Additional access would needs serious thought. The 71 house site preferred

23.02.2016 14:41

George Hunter

Sadly1 It would appears that the best argument against Democracy is a five minuet talk with a district councillor for they do not seem to have any consideration for us who live here, only that they mu

23.02.2016 12:19

Catherine Kirk

The recent Report: 'Every Breath we Take' by the Royal College of Physicians points out the damage done by harmful emissions to children when close to schools.

22.02.2016 17:13


Strongly object to the housing development in Mill Lane. Keep our village a village! There is not enough infrastructure for such an influx of people. GP's, shops, roads, parking - are already bursting

03.03.2016 20:52


I agree. The village is big enough without more housing. Keep the fields as they are. Chinnor has had more than its fair share of development the last few years. Leave it alone!!!!

21.02.2016 19:45

Sarah Caine

Strongly object to the plan proposing nearly 150 new houses to surround school and preschools on an already busy and dangerous road.

21.02.2016 18:58

Jill Collins

Stongly object to the two proposed sites on Mill Lane, on the grounds of compromised safety to nursery & school children; also older children & elderly people using the school & public buses.

21.02.2016 18:50

Dave Langston

I have sent an e-mail is more representative of my objection's that the brief note below ........... not happy

21.02.2016 18:47

Dave Langston

To whom this may concern;

I have lived along Cherry Tree Road for some 23 years in idyllic surroundings - the village even getting national accreditation of a great place to live and best village.

21.02.2016 18:37

Michelle Morgan

Ridiculous idea to build more houses until facilities / infrastructure are improved. Not enough shops already...where will the children go to school....the local chemist cannot cope as it is....

21.02.2016 18:16


We strongly object to the two sites on Mill Lane. There is not a single safe crossing along Estover Way and an increase in an already busy road is going to have disastrous consequences!

21.02.2016 19:20


I agree, I walk around this area every day with a pram and it is not at all safe to cross this road.

21.02.2016 17:13


We strongly object to this proposal to include the 2 sites on Mill Lane in the Neighbourhood Plan, based on dangerous levels of traffic congestion,over development and SODC's refusal.

21.02.2016 14:01


We totally apose to this stupid housing proposal. The roads are busy enough with speeding cars and a primary and nursery school being bwteen these two estates. Is there going to be another doctors?

21.02.2016 12:29

N Baston

Madness! A plan already rejected by SODC. Infrastructure that wouldn't be able to cope. Chinnor is becoming a JOKE!

20.02.2016 21:11

john peverill

at present mill lane is the least congested road in the village because people park their cars on the road maybe as a protest we should park on the road

20.02.2016 20:58

john peverill

may be someone would like to advise me how i get on and off my drive if these road proposals are realised

20.02.2016 20:55

john peverill

how can this be a fair percentage representation as there are only 71 houses in mill lane who may be against these developments why on earth does mill lane need to be blocked off at all

20.02.2016 20:13


Hello, please can you tell me why you are recommending the lower site, opposite Estover Way, for development when it has been refused on the grounds that it is unsuitable? Thames Water report?

20.02.2016 16:56


I live opposite to where this this awful development is being considered! It will change everything about this beautiful part of the village. Hasnt this already been turned down? wonder why!!!!

20.02.2016 09:37

John Williams

This is crazy. The local infrastructure is already strained to breaking point and will never cope with the demands of so much new housing in such a confined area.

19.02.2016 18:08


Chinnors infrastructure will not be able to cope with more houses and it will make Mill Lane a very dangerous road. It's already like a rat race when school starts and finishes.

18.02.2016 23:24

Mrs hyde

I think the village has many things to put in place before we have any more building there is plenty going on around the village at the moment

12.01.2016 21:21


Thanks Zena, I'll be there.

12.01.2016 11:16


I would like to help in any way, but I cannot use Live Windows for some reason!

12.01.2016 18:36

Zena Baker

Hello Gretel. I have added you to our Volunteers list. Hope to see you on 6th Feb at the public consultation of the 1st Draft of the Plan. Village Centre 9am to 2pm

04.01.2016 13:08


How can I join or be kept in contact

11.01.2016 15:50

Zena Baker

Thank you for taking an interest in the NP for Chinnor. Facebook, website, Chinnor Pump will keep everyone updated. We would also be pleased to add you to our list of Interested Parties / volunteers

25.11.2015 09:40


There is large area of verge on the Mill Rd and Thame road that could be used. I have seen mini mini roundabouts ie, Thame, pass John Hampton School, at the T junction, it only needs a small one

23.11.2015 13:26


Are there anymore thoughts for a mini roundabout , junction Lower Rd, Mill Lane, Station Rd and Thame Rd. This is a bottle neck now let alone when 300 more cars pass through?

24.11.2015 12:45

Ian Wadsworth

There is a plan to divert Mill Lane to enter Thame Rd. just after the shops. A roundabout needs more space to function. We realise that this is a key junction and are looking at solutions.

19.09.2015 11:25


It is great that the website has been updated with people's ideas at the launch event! Well done! Will it be possible to add on the home page, please?

13.07.2015 14:09

Bob Dobbs

Can you let us know what land is available so that some thought could be put into what may be placed in those areas?

31.05.2015 16:56

Marius Ciortan

Very good website!!