March 2019 - Review Update


Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan, which was adopted by the Parish in July 2017, has been under review since November 2017 primarily to strengthen it against Government Legislation and Ministerial Statements.


Whilst the Review is currently undergoing scrutiny, it is in its final stages, and as such it is hoped that it will be published for public consultation during the latter half of March 2019.


The Review, once published, will be available to view online at and on the CPC website and in person at the Chinnor Parish Council Offices as well as the Chinnor Library, Village Centre and Village Hall.
Once ready for viewing CPC will advise everyone when it is available.






The Steering Group

The group is currently made up of a Group of dedicated Volunteers who are keen to see the future development of Chinnor, Chinnor Hill, Emmington, Henton & Wainhill is sympathetically carried out incorporating the views and ideas of its Residents.

Volunteer Committee Members

Chairman - Roy Page

Secretary - Brian Fagan

Robin Williams

Sue Ashdown

Lynn Lloyd 









12.05.2019 18:31

Bob Dobbs

The Appendix 6 document fails to include the allowed appeal of P16/S4079/O Land rear of 59-63 Lower Icknield Way Erection of seven

12.05.2019 17:09

Bob Dobbs

Unable to find Consultation Report on this website. Please advise.

30.04.2019 18:31

Bob Dobbs

After the disaster at the roundabout today please remove the traffic lights from the original NP. B4 the consultation rev 2.

03.04.2019 15:32

Keith Webley

The update also stated: "It will also be available on the 2nd April 2019 at the Chinnor Parish Annual Assembly ..."

It wasn't. Just wondering why.

03.04.2019 15:28

Keith Webley

In the March 2019 - Review Update it states:

"... it is hoped that it will be published for public consultation during the latter half of March 2019."

It's now April, I think we need another update!

08.05.2019 10:10


Consultation is now open - please see all docs on this website

08.05.2019 10:08


Due to Councul being in purdah the consulation was not availbale at the Annual Assembly - CPC did state details of why at the meeting. Please find all consultation docs now available on this website.

20.02.2019 18:36

Bob Dobbs

In the planning application for the Barn House CPC have stated "In the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Revision it is outside the village boundary" when are residents likely to see the revision?

06.03.2019 12:49


All the details of the public consultation for the Review are on this website - under Review Statement 2019