St Nicholas Church at Emmington

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William Peverel held a number of manors that William the Conqueror had granted to him, including Emmington and Crowell in Oxfordshire.

Emmington has had a parish priest since at least 1190 and is in the parish of St Andrew, Chinnor, which is part of the Benefice of Chinnor, Sydenham, Aston Rowant and Crowell.

On small Church still stands, however, St Nicholas' church was closed in 1987 and reopened for worship in 1991. In 2003 it was declared redundant and closed again, and it is now privately owned. The Church can be seen from the Chinnor to Thame Road proudly standing out in the landscape.  At Christmas it is opened for a special service and tickets can be obtained for this via the St Andrew's Parish Clerk.






21.08.2022 13:53

Barry Mitchell

This beautiful church, restored to a first class standard. The location it stands in is quiet and serene and I am very proud to say that my wife of 43 year is interned there and I will be to and join

22.07.2015 22:07

Sarah Phillips

The beneficence is now out of date. The benefice of four parishes meant that each parish has a PCC, this is now not the case, hence we now have the United Parish.