Minutes 25-01-18



Steering Group Review Meeting No 01

19.00 hrs, Thursday 25th January 2018

Council Chamber, Community Pavilion



Attendees: Cllr Robin Williams (Chair) Cllr Daryl Ridgely (Minutes) Roy Page, Brian Fagan, Cllrs Sue Ashdown, Robert Minter, Pat Hayward (attended as an observer), District Cllrs Lynn Lloyd, Ian White.

  • Apologies: Nick Draycott, Ruth Ruddock, Marius Ciortan, Andrew Winterbottom,

 Cllrs Standage, Wright, Rowton-Lee


  • Welcome & introduction by Cllr Williams

Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan approved by referendum now needs an amendment. The Barwell Ministerial Statement passed through Parliament February 2017 prior to our plan going towards referendum now needs to be addressed.  This legislation requires NDPs to allocate a series of preferred development sites.   This displays that the NDP is looking forward and planning for the future effectively bullet proofing it against criticism for being too 'closed' to development.

The three main criteria for this proofing are:

  • WMS to be less than 2 years old – for us it is 1 year old


  • District Council must have a 3 year land supply –SODC have 4.1 years


  • The council must allocate development sites – we do not


We now need to Barwell proof it which could cause us a problem with the public who may have expected it to have been covered the first time around.

We need to engage carefully with the population because any change to the plan has to go to

Referendum. It was reminded that NDPs are a living document which will come up for review

every 5 years but also under specific circumstances.


Ian noted: we are above the number of houses required but that one of the rules is you have to have allocated sites – it is part of the rules.

Robin noted: Developers are already approaching us to find out what we have allocated. We can allocate sites that already have planning permission but building must not be completed at the time the review is drawn up

Ian noted: Allocation of sites incredibly urgent – 3 appeals in process or about to start.


Robin has sent around an example of a Site allocation document for Woodcock NDP that is an example of what we will need in our plan.


  • Formation of steering group members

 Nick Draycott has expressed an interest and Robin has sent him all the documentation required. Robin is awaiting a response. Robin has also approached one other party and is waiting on a response which is expected early February.


Lynn: We need to send questions to Ricardo to understand the timeline.

Robin: Keerpa has come back with some comments/questions


1. Project PlanLiz may be able to find original NDP pan that could be amended .Brian F and Sue A to flesh out a plan


2. Estimation of costs Liz to be asked to look at past NDP funding to see if it can be amended

to reflect cost estimation of review.


3. Why Chinnor needs to undertake a review - wording being investigated

The NP toolkit outlines some of the processes such as consultation which will take 6 weeks – the question that Ricardo needs to be asked is whether Thursday 7th June 2018 is possible date for a referendum.


There was some discussion about the strength of the plan if there is any evidence that it being in process and moving towards referendum. Barwell legislation does not give any leeway and time is tight.


Lynn: Does not think we will complete by the time of two major appeals in early June.

Ian: Builders will get their permission and then roll on ad infinitum and the planners will allow this.


Taylor Wimpey, Bloor Homes and A2 Dominium sites were originally on plan and building is in progress except for A2 Dominium where work has not started to date. Suggested we could progress with these.


Brian Fagan: mentioned that we backed away from doing a strategic environmental assessment based on advice received. Concerned that we are not clear on the workload but there was some discussion.


Lynn: Suggested Robin call the Woodcott NP authors and get a copy of their plan – then base ours on it if appropriate.

Ian: Be careful not to overthink and do more than necessary


Brian Fagan accepted the role of producing the required Review documentation - Sue Ashdown offered to assist. Brian to approach Nick Draycott to request his assistance also.


  • Appointment of steering group positions


i Chairman

Robin discussing with Roy Page

Roy will get the code of conduct from Liz

ii Secretary

Robin to comment

iii Website administrator

Lynn has suggested Jo Wills – Robin to discuss


Other potential Steering Group Members

Rob Minter

Brian Fagan

Sue Ashdown

Lynn Lloyd

Daryl Ridgley



5. Planning the next steps

  • Why Chinnor needs to undertake a review ?


We need to explain why this was done the first time around

Ian to send a copy of a document that he sent to SODC

Sue suggested sending a flyer out quickly but it was decided to hold off

  • Project Plan


Liz to be asked to find original NDP Project plan so as to amend to suit review

Rob to convert Woodcott document from PDF to Word

      • Estimate of Costs Look at original costs and deduct the cost of work done – Robin


      • Website Admin Liz to be asked whether Jo could take on role



  • Date and location of next meetings





  • Meeting closes 20:20 hours





Signed off by Chairman: Date:

Robin Williams