Minutes 070519



Steering Group Review Meeting No 14

0930hrs Monday 7th May 2019

Chinnor Parish Council Chambers




Attendees: Roy Page (Chair), Brian Fagan, Cllr Robin Williams, Cllr Sue Ashdown.

Parish Clerks Liz Folley and Jo Wills attended for a period during the meeting so as to be

briefed progress to date and future actions.

Prior to commencement of meeting Congratulations were recorded in regards to Lynn Lloyd and Ian White being elected as SODC District Councillors


1. Apologies: D/Cllr Lynn Lloyd.


2. Approval of Minutes dated 18th March 2019 signed off by Chairman Proposer Sue Ashdown, Seconded Brian Fagan.


3.Overall Neighbourhood Plan Review

 Final corrections and amendments have now been carried out - Brian has liaised with Consultant and SODC (Ricardo Rios and Robyn Tobutt) as well as with CPC Liz Folley, Jo Wills, on Final Documents being forwarded to SODC. Front page of document to be refreshed with new Chinnor scene photograph.


4. Consultation

Printed documents will be placed in Chinnor Library, Chinnor Village Hall, Chinnor Village Centre, Chinnor Parish Council Office and Peacock (Henton). Locations will be publicised on Notice Boards with links on Social Media to Chinnor Parish Council and Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Web sites where Plan will be available on line – documents on line will be in PDF.


5. Consultation Dates defined under Item 4 above

 From 8th May to 5th July 2019


6. Determine next steps

 Public consultation meeting will be held in the Council chambers on Saturday 1st June 10am till 12 noon, Steering Committee to attend.

 Consultation comments will be assessed and discussed at meeting 4th July 2019 with SODC being consulted.


7. Date and location of next meeting: 09:30 am 4th July 2019 Council Chambers

 Meeting Closed : 10:30 hours