Steering Group Review Meeting No 06

1330hrs, Thursday 2nd August 2018

Council Chamber, Community Pavilion



Attendees: Brian Fagan, Cllr: Robin Williams (Chair), Sue Ashdown.


1. Apologises: Roy Page, Robert Minter


2. Approval of Minutes dated 6th June 2018. Proposer: Sue Ashdown. Seconded: Brian Fagan.

3. Suggestions by Keerpa (2nd Draft) - With regard to Andrea's Second Draft, it was agreed that in order to save valuable time, document will be converted from PDF form to a Word Document inserting an interpretation of Keerpa’s suggested alterations into the document. The final draft will then be subject to an agreement with Andrea as to its final presentation.

4. East Hagbourne Neighbourhood Plan - reviewed – Good Document but not a format Chinnor would wish to adopt however Keerpa to be contacted for her opinion as to what elements of the EHNP would be a benefit if incorporated into Chinnor’s Plan.


5. SEA - Screening Opinion Questionnaire.

SEA Screening Questionnaire, from reading its context, it seems to indicate that if the allocated sites are already in the SODC District Plan, there is no need for Strategic Environmental Assessment. This requirement not fully understood being that questions posed already answered in existing plan review. Keerpa to be consulted.


6. Time table as advised by Keerpa



Timetable and personalise for Chinnor achievements Key milestones

Approximate time

  • Pre-submission consultation of draft NDP

(Reg 14)

6 weeks consultation

  • Submission of pre-examination NDP


  • (Reg 16)

6 weeks consultation

  • Independent examination

6-8 weeks (on average)

  • Decision on Examiner’s recommendation

Up to 5 weeks (if accepting all proposed modifications. If not would have to consult further).

  • Referendum

Information about Referendum required to be published 28 working days before the date of the referendum


7. Next Step Requirements

7i. Keerpa to be contacted on issues raised above - Brian

7ii. With funds held Professional to be sought and hired to prepare and incorporate Review into existing Neighbourhood Plan.

An appendix page to be included so as to indicate amendments.


8. Date and location of next meetings

Date will depend on results from Keerpa and Andrea.


Chair thanked attendees for their attendance.


Meeting closed: 1405 hours