Minutes 20-12-18



Steering Group Review Meeting No 09

1000 hrs, Thursday 20th December 2018

Council Chamber, Community Pavilion




Attendees: Roy Page (Chair), Brian Fagan, Cllrs: Robin Williams, Sue Ashdown, Lynn Lloyd.

1. Apologies: None


2. Approval of Minutes dated 12th November 2018.

Minutes read and discussed after which Minutes were approved and signed off by Chairman:

Proposer: Sue Ashdown. Seconded: Robin Williams – all in favour.


3.NHP Review Third Draft

3.1 Traffic Issues discussed and as they are Action Points rather than Policies it was agreed that they would not be relevant to the Review although Parish Council would be requested to allocate S106/CIL towards implemented some of the issues raised in the said Action Points. A meeting will be set up later in the New Year (2019) so as to discuss way forward.


3.2 Maps GIS Maps produced by SODCare out of date although dated 2018. Aerial Maps to be gathered of preferred site as well as current Persimmons and Cala Appeal Sites.

3.3 Current Appeal Sites discussed as to address outcome of the Appeals. Appeal decisions expected late January 2019.

3.4 NHP Review will be an additional section within the existing NHP and current Plan Sections will need to be renumbered throughout so as to accommodate new section.

Referendum target date: June 2019. Keerpa to asked for timeline.


3.5 SHELAA - discussed – sites identified are sites that could be developed but not sites for actual development. SHELLA sites numbers to be incorporated in Review. (Use of both numbers).


3.6 SODC Land Supply discussed – 3 year land supply only guaranteed in the local plan.(for two years then 5 years after 2020).


3.7 Affordable Homes – discussed. Lynn Lloyd advised that take up of these dwelling is going well given the many scheme which encourage occupants.


4. Next Step Requirements

Consultant and Keerpa Patel to be contacted by Brian Fagan/Roy Page to obtain mutual meeting date and time in January 2019 with suggested meeting venue at SODC Offices. Action: Brian Fagan/Roy Page


5. Date and location of next meetings


January (after 12th) meeting to be arranged once Consultant and Keerpa Patel contacted re availability


6. Any Other Business


NHP issues with Henton discussed.

Non NHP issues to be raised with the Parish Council by Robin Williams:

Roy Page to register with SODC for Henton Planning Applications Alerts he also advised to contact SODC for details of new Henton dwellings since 2011. Action: Roy Page



Meeting closed: 1130 hours



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