Minutes of CNPC Meetings 2015

To keep up to date with what is happening at each of the Chinnor Neighbourhood Planning meetings the links below will take you to our document library to view and read all the Minutes.

NOM-01_Steering Group KO mtg-3Mar15

NOM-02_Steering Group Mtg No2-17Mar15

NOM-03_Steering Group Mtg No3-09Aprr15

NOM-04_Steering Group Mtg No4-13May15

NOM-05_Steering Group Mtg No5-10June15

NOM-06_Steering Group Mtg No6-13July15

NOM-07_Steering Group Mtg No7-14Sept15

NOM-08_Steering Group Mtg No8-6Oct15

NOM-09_Steering Group Mtg No 9- 20Oct15

NOM-11_Steering Group Mtg 10_Nov

NOM-10_Steering Group Mtg No 10- 03Nov15

NOM-12_Steering Group Mtg 18_Nov

NOM-13 Steering Group Mtg No13- 25Nov15 REV 1_FOR COMMENT

NOM-14 Steering Group Mtg No14- 30Nov15

NOM-15 Steering Group Mtg No15- 16Dec15