Minutes 060618



Steering Group Review Meeting No 05

1900 hrs, Thursday 6th June 2018

Council Chamber, Community Pavilion




Attendees: Brian Fagan, Cllrs: Robin Williams (Chair), Sue Ashdown, Dave Young, Keerpa Patel (SODC).

1. Apologies: Roy Page, Nick Draycott, Cllrs: Ian White, Lynn Lloyd.


2. Approval of Minutes dated 21st March 2018.

Minutes approved: Proposer Brian Fagan Seconded Sue Ashdown – all in favour.

3. Update from Brian re contact with Consultant

Contact maintained with Consultant - Brian to remain main sole Consultant contact for Steering Group.


4.Review of Draft Site Allocation

Document reviewed in detail. SODC recommendations to be incorporated. Consultant to be advised by Keerpa and Brian.

Reserve Sites not required.

Nominated additional sites to be highlighted.

Chinnor Site numbers to be included along existing SODC (SHELA) numbering

Keerpa to advise dwellings numbers.

Break down of Consultant costs required together with an Invoice to date.


Invoice from ESRI UK for £102.50 to be paid. Proposer: Robin, Seconder: Brian - all in favour.


5. Next Step Requirements

Await revised Review from Consultant. Community Engagement Team to be contacted re way forward with respect to Community Consultation once revised document received.


6. Date and location of next meetings


To be arranged once amended Site Allocation review received from Consultant.


Chair thanked all attendees for attending with particular thanks to Keerpa.


7. Meeting closed: 2015 hours