We as a Community covering, Chinnor, Chinnor Hill, Emmington, Henton and Wainhill can make a difference.  However, we can only do this if we pull together and gather our views, ideas on how we would like to see our area develop over the next 25 years.

Many will feel that it will not affect them so why bother??

We need a mix of different ages, interests and volunteers help progress what we would like, in order to make the various "bodies" holding onto the Finances realise that we are serious and a


"Force to be Reckoned with"

Send your views to Chinnorneighbourplan@outlook.com

Better still why not join the overall Committee for the Chinnor Neighbour Plan. You might be able to help distribute communications, report progress, get involved with surveys, collate information for the Steering Group to work from.

Register now at Chinnorneighbourplan@outlook.com

Short on time but still wish to be kept informed: Register now at Chinnorneghbourplan@outlook.com

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