Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan – Review Progress May 2020

The Plan has been accepted by The Inspector and has the approval of SODC.

Due to Covid-19 the referendum cannot take place until May 2021.

Although the referendum will not take place this year, the decision statement has been published and as such the plan can be given significant weight in decision-making in any future planning applications.

Congratulations were given to the steering group for their continued hard work.



January 2020

Dear  Dorottya,

I can confirm that my Council reviewed this letter at their planning meeting on Monday 13th January 2020 and would like you to proceed with regard to item 3 ‘Qualifying Body for the examination of the Review Plan to proceed under the provisions of Schedule 4B’.

For your information I can also confirm that a copy of the letter has been placed on the Parish Council and Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Websites.

Please do advise if I need to take any further action.

Kind Regards

 Liz Folley


Chinnor Parish Council





Examination Ref: 02/DAS/CNPR


28 January 2020


Dear Mrs Folley and Ms Faludi


Further to my initial procedural letter of 8 January 2020 (Ref: 01/DAS/CNPR) following the submission of the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Review for examination, I now write to confirm further procedural matters.  

  1. The Examination 

 Following receipt on 13 January 2020 of the formal consent of the Qualifying Body, I confirm that the examination of the Chinnor Neighbourhood Plan Review (the Plan Review) will now proceed under the provisions of Schedule 4B to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) (‘Schedule 4B’).    

 Site Visit

 I intend to undertake a site visit to the neighbourhood plan area during the week commencing 17 February 2020.  This will assist in my assessment of the Plan Review, including the issues identified in the representations.

 The site visit will be undertaken unaccompanied.  It is very important that I am not approached to discuss any aspects of the Plan Review or the neighbourhood area, as this may be perceived to prejudice my independence and risk compromising the fairness of the examination process.

 After my site visit, I may have a number of questions seeking further clarification on aspects of the Plan Review. 

 Written Representations

 At this stage, I consider the examination can be conducted solely by the written representations procedure, without the need for a hearing.  However, I will reserve the option to convene a hearing should a matter(s) come to light where I consider that a hearing is necessary to ensure the adequate examination of an issue, or to ensure that a person has a fair chance to put a case.

 4.    Examination Timetable

 As you will be aware, the normal intention is to examine a Plan (including conduct of the site visit) with a view to providing a draft report (for ‘fact checking’) within 4-6 weeks of submission of the draft Plan.  In this case, due to my earlier determination that the examination should proceed under the provisions of Schedule 4B and the need to obtain the formal consent of the Qualifying Body to that procedure, the timetable will be extended.  However, I will endeavour to undertake the examination as expeditiously as possible. 

 If you have any process questions related to the conduct of the examination, which you would like me to address, please do not hesitate to contact the office team in the first instance.

 In the interests of transparency, may I prevail upon you to ensure that a copy of this letter is placed on both the Qualifying Body and Local Authority websites.

 Thank you in advance for your assistance.

 Your sincerely

 Derek Stebbing



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29.07.2019 20:44

David beale

Sadly this does not address or provide any solutions to the vey heavy vehicles that power along lower icknield way. Yet again a forgotten part of the village. How about a weight restriction

05.07.2019 14:05

Keith Webley

Alas, the comments are read/responded to very infrequently! Took over 6 weeks for a response to one comment. So my assumption was that no-one was reading the comments

05.07.2019 14:02

Keith Webley

When you said " All dates were correct" I think you meant "All dates are now correct". This page has been updated, there were 2 different periods shown and I have the saved page to prove it!

04.07.2019 17:22

Liam Farrell

There's a reference to traffic light outside The Crown at page 83/84 that isn't visible. Think it's disappeared with formatting or something but it needs fixing urgently.

13.06.2019 10:21

Keith Webley

PS I love the fact that there is a tick box that says "Send me an email when there is a follow up"

How can there be a follow up if no-one can be ar$ed to read the comments?

04.07.2019 13:05


All comments are read. Thank you

13.06.2019 10:20

Keith Webley


Why does no-one from the CNP committee ever bother to read these comments? Why even bother to allow comments? I left Facebook ages ago so this is my only way to communicate.

04.07.2019 13:06


Best to communicate directly with a human - call CPC on 01844 353267

28.05.2019 12:26

Keith Webley

I know no-one bothers to check these comments but I'll try again - your website is showing two different consultation periods! You ought to fix that - should only take a couple of minutes.

04.07.2019 13:08


All comments are read - thank you. All dates were correct but thank you for checking.

23.05.2019 21:09

Keith Webley

You are showing two different consultation periods! The heading is correct but the text states: "Public Consultation period 24th May to 5th July 2019"